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Converting waste heat to free cooling

Making cooling more affordable, globally.

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Today over 10% of the world’s power is used for cooling.

Using concentrated solar as the heat source, Hyperborean provides daytime supplemental cooling for equipment shelters.

Our hardware cuts energy consumption at these sites, adding resiliency to grid downtime events, and increasing the life of existing equipment.

Hyperborean uses the energy contained in the heat input to directly power our design.

We are on a mission to solve one of the world’s biggest problems.

Energy consumption for air conditioning is forecast to surge 3300% by 2100 as developing world incomes rise and urbanisation advances.

This comes with tremendous economic and environmental costs and very few solutions. HyperBorean’s clean technology solution harnesses one of the most abundant sources of energy on the planet…heat.

We use heat to power air-conditioning.

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Our development partnerships are growing across industries.

The design of our technology is adaptable and desirable for a variety of applications. The need for a grid neutral solution is growing exponentially.

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Supplemental cooling for equipment shelters

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Uses solar as the heat source

Uses solar as the heat source

Provides daytime supplemental cooling for equipment shelters

cut energy cost

Cuts energy consumption

Adds resiliency to grid downtime events and increases the life of existing equipment

Energy contained directly in the heat input powers our design

Self-sustaining, long-lasting

Energy contained directly in the heat input powers our design

Latest News

HyperBorean Attending CleanTech Forums in January

HyperBorean is heading to San Francisco for the CleanTech Forum at the end of January. While there we will also be participating the CleanTech Open Global Forum. This will be a great opportunity to both learn how others are approaching cleantech solutions across numerous industries and share about our innovative approach to cooling with heat....

January 25, 2018

HyperBorean Opens its Doors to Investors at Wichita State University

HyperBorean needed more than Founder and CEO Todd Gentry’s garage to take ideation to execution with a fully functional product. He found the solution at Wichita State University’s GoCreate space and made good on the Opportunity Zone availability. From “As GoCreate marks its second year, that access to tools, technology and advice is critical...

January 15, 2019