HyperBorean Opens its Doors to Investors at Wichita State University

HyperBorean needed more than Founder and CEO Todd Gentry’s garage to take ideation to execution with a fully functional product. He found the solution at Wichita State University’s GoCreate space and made good on the Opportunity Zone availability.

From Wichita.edu:

“As GoCreate marks its second year, that access to tools, technology and advice is critical to Gentry and others. Gentry, from Winfield, is founder and CEO of HyperBorean and has been a member of GoCreate, a Koch Collaborative, using its studios and equipment, for the past nine months to push his product from idea to commercialization in an economical fashion.

“Investors don’t like science projects,” Gentry said.

HyperBorean calls itself a “cleantech” company and its products attempt to use heat (typically waste heat) as an energy source to power air conditioning and refrigeration. Gentry is working on prototypes to cool automobiles and small buildings such as mobile telecom equipment structures.

He reached the point where he needed a prototype to show investors to move past the “science project” phase and show off equipment.

“We’ve come through a really long slog of research and development,” he said. “It’s all been theoretical work to date.”

Gentry and Patrick Hosty, HyperBorean’s business developer, are also working with WSU Ventures. They see Wichita State’s resources and community as offering a series of advantages.

Patrick Hosty , business developer, HyperBorean
“The ability to cross-connect and cross-pollinate within the university’s eco-system is phenomenal,” Hosty said. “We can meet with WSU Ventures and get further development contacts…’”


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HyperBorean Attending CleanTech Forums in January

HyperBorean is heading to San Francisco for the CleanTech Forum at the end of January. While there we will also be participating the CleanTech Open Global Forum. This will be a great opportunity to both learn how others are approaching cleantech solutions across numerous industries and share about our innovative approach to cooling with heat.

Todd Gentry – HyperBorean’s Founder and CEO – and Patrick Hosty – HyperBorean’s Business Developer – will be on hand to connect with anyone interested in learning more about how we are solving for exponentially increasingly energy-consumptive cooling industry. If you are attending we would enjoy connecting with you. See you in San Francisco!