HyperBorean accepted into Valley Ventures Cohort 4

September 1, 2019
HyperBorean was accepted into the Valley Ventures accelerator program Cohort 4.  The program offers experience mentorship and engagement with top-tier industry leaders in agriculture and technology and lasts from September through October of 2019.

The Valley Ventures Accelerator is a program of the Water, Energy, and Technology Center at Fresno State. Its main goal it to help promote the growth of participating ventures. Whether that be involving students, staff, and faculty or setting up a company’s technology on the 1,000 acre farm. It all starts with Fresno State’s strong focus on real world agricultural issues and the involvement with private industry partners. With such a focus on leveraging academic and public resources for the development of the agricultural, water, energy nexus, Fresno State will continue to be an instrumental institution for Valley Ventures.

Throughout the program, HyperBorean will receive close engagement with other entrepreneurs and industry leaders in the agriculture, water, and energy technology space. Valley Ventures mentors and speakers come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from successful founders who have built and sold companies, to experienced investors well versed in the agriculture tech space, to seasoned executives who run or even own some of the largest agriculture related firms in the nation. 

Through these relationships, HyperBorean will be prepared to access investment opportunities, generate revenue, and establish a solid understanding of the industry.